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Implementation 1C

The implementation of 1C: Enterprise 8 will allow you to: use the wide functionality of 1C, get an individually customized system for the current business processes of the enterprise

CRM implementation

“1C: CRM PROF” is a universal solution with the ability to use both an independent program to automate CRM functions, and as an addition to the CRM functionality Typical configurations of 1C on the 1C: Enterprise platform 8.3.

The 1C: CRM PROF configuration was developed in the 1C: Enterprise 8.3 environment and supports all the advantages of this modern technology platform: scalability, ease of administration and configuration.

1C: CRM PROF integrates (by combining) with typical configurations: 1C: Enterprise 8.3. Trade Management ”,“ 1C: Enterprise 8.3. Management of a manufacturing enterprise. ” When using “1C: CRM PROF” as an independent, stand-alone configuration, the program includes a data exchange unit with accounting systems: “1C: Accounting 8.0” and “1C: Accounting 7.7”

Integration 1C and Bitrix

Bitrix24.CRM helps establish sales in the company, automate them, and take control of all channels of communication with customers.

1c integration with AMAZON services

AMAZON Services - AMAZON S3 Cloud File Storage, AMAZON SQS Queue Service, and AMAZON EC2 Compute Leasing Services.

Finalization 1C

Programs on the 1C platform have wide functionality and are able to cover almost any typical need of a modern business.

If you need functionality that you cannot find in a standard 1C solution, you need to refine the database or program configuration.

Data Transfer 1C

Data transfer from different sources: various versions of 1C program and other programs.

Accounting, analysis and audit, reporting

An orderly system for collecting, registering and summarizing information in monetary terms about property, liabilities of the organization and their movement through continuous, continuous and documentary accounting of all business operations.

Independent verification of the financial statements of the enterprise. During the procedure, the auditor conducts an examination of accounting, analyzes the compliance of all transactions with the law and the correctness of their reflection in reporting documents. The specialist identifies all errors and omissions that may lead to fines. An audit is necessary for any company - from a small store to a giant holding.

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