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The status is assigned by 1C to organizations, that have confirmed their competence in providing integrated services for automation of accounting and office work, and also guarantee high quality of the set of services: assistance in software selection, delivery, installation, production, after-sales service, consulting, individual training.

What is Real Automation?

Often, for effective business conduct, automation of "narrow", individual company processes is required. For example, you need to set up a special accounting of storage units or take into account non-standard sizes of goods or it is important for the owner to receive analytics on the company in a specific context, there can be many examples.
Automation of the main processes of the company helps to reduce the number of routine operations, increases transparency and efficiency of activities. Using 1C solutions customized for the tasks of your business, you can clearly structure the work of the company and analyze its work according to the indicators that are important to you, making informed decisions.



ITSERVIS-Pro is engaged in automation of management and accounting on the basis of "1C" software products. We provide a full range of services for the automation of management and accounting at enterprises:

Consulting services at the stage of selecting a software product and its demonstration;

Software supply;

Software implementation;

Software maintenance and updating;

Information and technological support;

Training for users and IT-specialists.

ITService-Pro employs only 1C certified specialists.