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1C: Accounting

"1C:Accounting 8 Version 3.0" software automates accounting and tax accounting of the enterprise. It enables you to deal with different taxation systems (general, simplified, patent, in the form of a single tax on imputed income for certain types of activity). Solves a full range of tasks of the accounting service.

1C:UPROSHENKA (simplified tax system)

1C: UPROSHCHENKA 8 is a component of "1C: Accounting 8. Basic Version", which is designed for accounting under the simplified tax system. 1C: Simplified 8 software is much easier than the usual 1C: Accounting 8, with all the features available. You only need to specially configure the utility and you can keep track of businesses that operate on a common system of taxation and pay income tax.

1C: Entrepreneur

1C:Entrepreneur differs from the basic version 1C:Accounting 8 in that it is already configured for accounting and reporting of sole proprietorship who pay personal income tax. The 1C:Entrepreneur software is suitable for sole proprietorship on the general tax regime, simplified tax system, UTII and Patent. 1C:Entrepreneur 8 accounting policy is configured, as well as the appearance of the program menu and screen forms.

1C: Taxpayer

1C:Taxpayer 8 software is specially designed for quick and easy preparation of reporting to state authorities for any organization. All necessary reporting operations are performed from the desktop, which opens when you start the program. The desktop is convenient, clear and intuitive.

1C:ZUP (Salary and Personnel Management)

1C:Salary and Personnel Management 8 (1C:SPM 8) is a software product that simplifies the tasks of the personnel department, from hiring employees to preparing reports to the Pension Fund of Russia.


Suitable for all sectors of business and companies of any size.

1C: Contractors

"1C:Contracts 8" is a tool for sales personnel or procurement departments, account managers and managers. The software keeps records of documents, counterparties, goods and services.


Electronic document flow is the ability to use the sharing of legally significant electronic documents instead of paper documents.

In Russia, the legal framework for electronic document management, including the exchange of electronic invoices, has already been fully formed. The majority of enterprises and organizations are actively beginning to move to paperless document management with clients and suppliers.

1C: Trade Management

Program "1C: Trade Management 8" automates the registration of primary documents, trade and warehouse accounting and cash flow documents, and contributes to the effective management of modern trading company.

1C: Trade Management 8" software product is an upgraded configuration that continues the basic functionality of "1C: Trade and Warehouse 7.7", can be used as a control system for the solution "1C: Retail 8".

1C: Retail

1C: Retail 8 configuration contains a specialized interface of the cashier workplace (CWP) for the processing of retail sales by the stream method. The interface is adapted for touch screens, small displays, as well as for working with a programmable keyboard.


"1C:Managing Our Company 8" solution (formerly 1C:Small Business Management) is equally suitable for representatives of different industries: construction companies, wholesalers and retailers (including online stores), service providers.


The product "1C:Enterprise 8.3. A set of applied solutions for 5 users" includes distributions of the platform "1C:Enterprise 8.3", software products "1C:Accounting 8", "1C:Salary and Personnel Management 8", "1C:Trade Management 8", a full set of documentation for the platform and application solutions and a license for 5 users to use the application solutions included in the set. The set also includes a coupon for 3 months ITS (Information Technology Support).

1C: Integrated Automation

1C:Integrated Automation 8 was developed on the basis of 1C:ERP solution - the 1C flagship product that is successfully operated by more than 6,000 enterprises in various industries. Functional composition of 1C:Integrated Automation includes the most popular features of this solution, taking into account the real needs of a wide range of users.


Automation based on 1C:ERP, in contrast to individual functional solutions, links the work of all departments. It allows you to build a comprehensive enterprise management information system, increase the transparency of business processes and ensure effective management decisions.


As of May 1, 2018, the software solution "1C:Manufacturing Enterprise Management" (1C:MEM) has been withdrawn from sale. Support for edition 1.3 is still retained, but its cost will gradually increase.

To continue receiving updates and support the users of 1C:MEM 1.3 must additionally connect a new service "Extension of support of configuration "Manufacturing Enterprise Management" to 1C:ITS. It is issued in case of prolongation (or conclusion of a new) contract 1C:ITS.