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«1C-GENDALF» we provide partners with technology and ideas, and then help the partner to work on their implementation.


Medgadgets - is the oldest niche online store dedicated to mobile smart electronics and gadgets for sports, healthy lifestyles, numerous hobbies and hobbies.

Today our showcase includes thousands of products in the Internet of Things category, which cover almost all customer requests: Sports Electronics, Digital Health, Children's and Educational Gadgets, Smart Home, Business and much more.


2WTRADE - is an international e-commerce company.
The company "2WTRADE" takes orders, packs and delivers goods in more than 20 countries. Convenient, reliable, efficient, profitable. Call our call center, we will find and beer what you are looking for.


«1C-Rarus» in 5 minutes

Development of solutions
for automation.
Implementation of 1C programs
and own products.
Support and training.




With over 100 years of successful collaborative experience, the ARIIX management team knows what it takes to build a solid and prosperous business. Our leadership team stands out from the crowd not only for its achievements, but also for responsible management. In ARIIX, you will immediately be surrounded by the right people who know what it takes to truly make you prosperous.




Wholesale trade of sugar, chocolate and sugar confectionery.



«National Center for Financial Literacy»

The NCFG portfolio includes a number of implemented projects at the regional and federal levels aimed at improving the financial literacy of various categories of the population of the Russian Federation.