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Medgadgets is a pioneer company in the field of electronic commerce, so other companies take an example from us. We are implementing a global mission to create a modern technological infrastructure for direct sales management and are developing globally. Everything we do is aimed at uniting the world, countries and peoples, which emphasizes our cosmopolitanism.

Company accounting

Accounting is carried out in external accounting systems developed in PHP. In one of the systems information is stored on “Customer orders”, in the other on “Goods” and “Payments”

Orders are received in the accounting system from various Internet resources, as well as from Call centers.

Orders are delivered to customers by “Courier Services”

No general consolidated reporting by organization

Prerequisites for automation:

What we had:

External accounting systems, from which it is difficult to obtain the necessary information on “Customer Orders” and their payment, the formation of “Applications for DS consumption”, control of the remaining goods, the formation of financial results.

There was a need to timely receive "COMPLETE" information on the activities of the company in one place.

Development plan

Expanding the customer base, increasing sales, reducing the cost of maintaining information systems.

The main problems were highlighted:

  • Lack of up-to-date information on stock accounting, stocks of goods, delivery times
  • Manual entry of customer orders received from dealers
  • Possibility to keep “Applications for spending DS” with the stages of coordination
  • Problems with adaptation and maintenance of current IP, specialists who developed the system are located outside the Russian Federation
  • Storage of the necessary information in different inf. systems

They made a decision on the step-by-step translation of current credentials into one information system based on 1C software products.

Automation progress


It was necessary to organize the receipt of credentials from external accounting systems based on the Amazoz SQS service. It was supposed to transfer certain data to the service in the "JSON" format, with their subsequent processing in the 1C software.

At the stage of selection of specialists, it turned out that this task is unique and is not common in the market of services provided for 1C. Most of the specialists could not at the first stages realize the connection to this service using the mechanisms of the 1C development environment. There was a staff turnover. The task of automation has arisen.

On the advice of one of the employees, we went to the ITService-Pro company and started negotiations.

We found out that the company’s specialists were ready to realize our task, but we had great risks of the possibility of implementation, since many partners and 1c specialists could not realize it. It stopped us.

ITService-Pro specialists have implemented a free connection to the Amazon SQS service from 1C and demonstrated primary functionality to us.

It was decided to arrange a meeting.

At the meeting

We discussed with specialists from 1C partner current needs for automation, accounting problems, that we wanted to receive "Customer orders", "Nomenclature" according to external accounting systems using the Amazon SQS service.

According to the result of the meeting

It was decided to make automation based on the software product of 1C: Trade Management 11. This software product was purchased earlier, but was not used.

Prerequisites were recorded and the automation process started.

According to the result of automation

At the beginning, we considered the “Intercampani” scheme because of the peculiarities of the movement of goods and receipt of payments.

There was a need to see financial results for a group of companies.

In the future, as we implement the processing of loading data and understanding of business processes, it was decided to abandon this scheme and use accounting within the framework of one jur. faces.

Due to the difficulties of coordinating automation financing, it was not decided to conduct a pre-project survey, record results, etc. I wanted to get the result right away, everything was done on the go, as usual.

Processing was implemented by “Downloading data from ” Amazon SQS»

Processing works according to the scheduled schedule.

This processing included the following functionality:

  • Automatic creation of “Partners”, “Clients” of the courier service
  • Automatic creation of "Nomenclature"
  • Automatic creation of “Sales Orders”
  • Automatic installation of options for the provision of goods and their reservation
  • Automatic creation of shipping documents
  • Automatically delete successfully read data from Amazon SQS
  • Other auxiliary functionality


The following work on the implementation of the software product was completed:

  • Consultations on work in software 1s UT 11
  • The basic settings of the program to start accounting
  • Typical configuration completed
  • The standard UT functionality has been improved:
    • Added additional details for setting data synchronization between external accounting systems
    • Added functionality for carrying out load testing according to the results of data loading, which allowed to identify bottlenecks and optimize data loading
    • Data logging during data loading
    • Reporting on the results of stress testing
    • Other functionality
  • Implemented status synchronization from external accounting systems according to “Customer Orders”, more than 30 statuses were imposed on standard functionality

The result was


Automatic creation of "Sales Orders". Automatic shipment of "customer orders." Maintaining NSI in one information environment. Formation of an interim financial result, since not all accounting subsystems are covered.

The need to develop your own data transfer service in 1C and abandon Amazon SQS, which will reduce the cost of its maintenance. Since processing already allows you to process all the necessary data, it will be easier to transfer it to a new service.

We thought about the comprehensive automation of business processes, for this we purchased 1C ERP software, we plan to phase out to 1s ERP while maintaining the current functionality for loading data from external sources.

There is still a lot of work, but we have already moved.